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Coach Credentials

All our coaches are Registered Dietitians who have at least
  • a 4 year college degree in nutrition,
  • have clinical experience,
  • and have passed State licensing procedures.

How I lost weight & started eating healthier

with my FitMountain coach

This is a description of how one of our clients benefitted from their FitMountain coach.

As I started using the system, I realized how much I didn't know about my food and how much my coach knew.


My coach, Erica, made me realize that I didn't have enough protein in my meal. She gave me ideas for proteins to add to my diet - lentil, beans, edamame etc.


Coach Erica could see from the photos that I was making the changes she had recommended.


My coach, Erica would let me know that I should focus on consistency and not perfection.


By following Coach Erica's tips I've been losing weight. No weird diets and no counting calories. Yay ME!


All the changes were based on my personal eating habits. So I know I can keep this up in the future.



Typical one-on-one nutrition coaching costs $300+ per month
FitMountain plans are only $59/month. Start now with our 7 day free trial.

What our customers say

I started cooking after 6 years and a friend even commented on how my fridge is now filled with healthy foods. "
Deepa, 36, San Jose, CA
"I lost 15lbs in 2 months without exercising. Better yet I didn't have to track a single calorie!"
Matthew, 31, New York, NY