Why is losing weight so difficult?

#86 - I Hate The Rain

The terror of seeing the numbers on your bathroom scale, the hunger pangs, the boring cardio exercise and the taste of cardboard as you munch on rice cakes. And to top it all off the terrible guilt after you wolf down a McDonalds burger, with fries, while making sure that no one is looking.

Don’t take it personally – your weight is not your fault

Why is weight loss so difficult? Are you really to blame for your weight? The surprising answer is NO. There are massive forces keeping you overweight. And in this article we’ll list out the 3 main culprits that keep you fat. Here we go:

Reason 1 – The $600 Billion US Processed Food Industry

Yes thats right – $600 billion. Globally the processed food industry is worth approximately $3.5 trillion. Every one of those 1.5 million people employed by the processed food industry makes money when you scoff down anything from a twizzler to a big mac. All of them are literally sticking something unhealthy in your face, everywhere you go. From Starbucks to McDonalds to Burger King to any one of the fast food restaurants.

You literally can’t outrun fast-food. Its there everywhere you go! This is a map of the distance from each Macdonalds. The furthest you can get from a McDonalds is about 120miles away if you’re somewhere in the midwest wilderness. If you live in any thing a larger than a reasonably sized town, there’s a McDonalds full of unhealthy food begging you to make a bad decision when hungry. And thats just talking about McDonalds. Imagine what that map will look like after you add Burger King, Wendys, KFC etc.

The distance from each macdonalds.


Food Advertising

Ads about food seem innocent enough. They show happy, thin people eating burgers, fries and drinking alcohol. The problem is that people who eat burgers and fries regularly don’t stay thin for very long.

Worse you see these Ads everywhere and on an empty stomach its easy to see an Ad for MacDonalds and then watch yourself drive over to the nearest one and chomp down on a big mac, fries and large soda. You’re left wondering “What just happened?” :(

Reason 2 – Health Information Overload

How many diets can you name?

Body For Life diet, Weight Watchers, Hallelujah diet, Hindu diet, Kosher diet, Islamic diet, Fruitarian Diet, Kangatarian diet, Atkins, South Beach, Cabbage Soup diet, Israeli Army diet, Beverly Hills diet, Gluten-free diet – there are a LOT of diets out there. There is also a huge number of fitness apps, magazines, blogs, all with their own spin on exercise and diet. For a full list of diets have a look at Wikipedia. Insane right?

How is anyone supposed to figure out what’s actually useful if there’s so much information out there? At FitMountain we believe that a combination of evidence based dietary information personalized to your life coupled with feedback from real life progress/results is the best way to figure out how you should eat to lose weight.

Reason 3 – No one to help you implement weight loss advice

Eating healthy & tasty is complicated

Weight loss requires work. You need to figure out what are the bad foods in your diet and then substitute them out of your diet. Once you do that you’ll need to find food thats tasty and nutritious. You’ll have to plan your week with tasty & healthy meals and then actually cook them.

Thats not easy at all. If you eat 5 meals a day and you don’t plan any of them then you have to make 35 decisions a week (i.e. every meal time) on an empty stomach. Is it any wonder that a big chunk of those meals will be unhealthy!

Help with how to eat well, planning your meals and cooking

Cooking & planning your meals is the only realistic way to control what you eat. A lot of people never learn to cook because they believe it to be too time consuming, a lot of work and believe their time could be better used elsewhere. But without the ability to cook or have a loved one cook for you, you give up the ability to ever know what exactly you’re putting in your mouth and in turn your ability to control your health.

And if you don’t plan and you don’t cook you’re right back there, at the mercy of the golden arches and food advertising!

Conclusion – Its really not your fault

So there you have it, 3 very large forces that constantly pull and push you towards unhealthy food and weight gain.

If you’re interested in defeating these forces of unhealthy eating, sign up with one of our nutrition coaches today.

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