The Main 4 Habits That Control 80% of Your Weight Loss


While striving for any goal, a very small number (20%) of the activities you do will result in the largest amount (80%) of progress towards that goal. This is commonly known as the Pareto Principle and its been observed in many fields of human endeavor. Its very important that you figure out what these activities are because if you don’t you won’t see the results you want. We’ve listed out the

So what are the key, high impact activities that will help you maximize your weight loss?

1. Drastically cut back on restaurant food & learn to cook

To lose weight you have to know whats in your food. Cooking helps you do that.

(If you already know how to cook, you can skip this section.)

For people who don’t cook, cooking can look like a complicated, time intensive affair that seems best to be avoided. If you don’t cook, you’ll never really know what you’re putting your mouth. You will have to constantly keep watching what you eat if you want to stay healthy. Calorie counting sucks and can you imagine doing this for the rest of your life? Yikes.

The average US restaurant meal is 1500 calories. Add in a soda and you’ve consumed enough calories for the whole day in 1 sitting. That means, in a rough sense, anything else you eat will get converted to fat. In addition, having even 2 or 3 restaurant meals can sabotage a weeks worth of work towards your weight loss goal.

The main lesson to be learned here is that you can’t lose weight without knowing what’s in the food you eat. Every single piece of it. That might seem obvious but people rarely connect this back to how cooking fixes this problem in the most elegant way we know.

Learning to cook is probably the easiest way to control what goes into your food. Benefits of cooking are more than you would likely think and they include:

  1. eating tasty food everyday. First imagine the worst shitty day you’ve ever had at work. Now imagine that shitty day followed by a warm hot meal at home. Yes, tasty (& healthy) food makes you feel absolutely great and its something that will work for the rest of your life.
  2. saving a lot of money. If you include the cost of gas for your car, you probably save $10 on every lunch you cook at home and $15-$30 for every dinner you have at home. Say you eat lunch at restaurants for 5 times a week and eat 3 dinners out a week. If you replaced all those meals with home cooked meals you’d save $110/week. That’s $440/month. I.e. you could save $5280 per year by learning to cook. Thats a whole vacation you can take to show off your new body :).
  3. better love life (seriously!) - Men & women love other men & women who can cook. Who doesn’t want a tasty meal prepared for them in their home?
  4. losing weight – If you’re overweight and you eat a low carb diet, you’ll lose weight as long as you stick to it 89% of the time.

To learn to cook, its important to just get started. A stir fry is the quickest, healthiest, tastiest and easiest dish that you can learn to cook and you’ll be able to use this skill for the rest of your life.

2. Plan your meals & Go grocery shopping

While tracking your meals is a good habit, planning will increase the possibility that you’ll have healthy & tasty food around when you want to eat.

Imagine if you had a magic app that created a healthy & tasty meal or snack whenver you needed it. You press a button and you have a healthy & tasty meal popup on the table in front of you ready to eat. Would you eat healthy and get all the benefits – weight loss, better health, do the sports you love, confidence from looking better, ability to do more with your life, compliments from others,  looking younger? Hells yeah! It would be a no brainer.

Planning  your weekly meal is a way of getting all those benefits while we wait for that app to be built. When you work with a FitMountain coach, they’ll help you plan your meals. We also have a really great meal planner available on the site which makes it easy to plan your meals and bring some variety into your meals. All meals are healthy & balanced.  Here are a few meal plans that are available on the site.

The amount of money you save on food from planning your meals and going grocery shopping can be upto $200 a week. If you eat 5 lunches outside in a week and 3 dinners at restraunts then cooking and eating those meals can save you at least $100 a week if you add in the cost of gas and other incidentals.

3. Figure out your tasty & healthy foods

This is really really really important. If the healthy food you eat isn’t tasty, you won’t stick with it. So its really important that you find the healthy food thats also tasty. This is also the reason why crash diets don’t work.

How do you find healthy foods that also tasty ?

One method is to experiment with different foods. I found that I loved basil in my food and use it regularly. Another method is to cook healthy versions of the foods you order at restaurants.

4. Change is hard – get the support You Need

Food plays on your emotions and you’re body doesn’t like change – you need external support.

If you cut down on your processed carbs intake, you will feel blue. Your mind will start telling you that its okay to have a few carbs and within no time you’re back to your old way of eating.  To avoid falling back to your old habits you need someone to be available on a regular basis to support you with your new diet. If you have friends who have achieved something similar then they are a really good source of support. The other option is to get a nutrition coach who would coach you everyday. If you’re choosing a coach then make sure they have the knowledge. Registered Dietitians with 4 years of nutrition training who are also good at teaching and being super positive are probably the best bet for a nutrition coach.

Online forums are a good supplement but you really do need that 1-on-1 connection with someone who wants you to do well. We have a 7 day free trial where you can get this kind of 1-on-1 connection if you want to try it out. You can cancel at any time during the trial and your credit card will never be billed.


So in conclusion the activities that will give you the greatest impact on your weight loss journey and during the rest of your life are :

  1. Learning to Cook while cutting back on restaurant food
  2. Figuring out your tasty & healthy foods
  3. Meal planning so that you’ll always have tasty, healthy options in your pantry
  4. Getting the support you need.

If you’re doing all of the above its very likely you are already implementing the habits that will maximize your weight loss. For most people, following the methods laid out above, will mean that they will always have the skills to lose weight and also more importantly to eat healthy all the time, which is really the only true long term solution.


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