Healthy weight loss with daily support from a nutrition expert


Imagine you had someone who really cared about your weight loss and you, by your side, everyday. What would that do for you and your morale on your weight loss journey?

Everyone hits a weight loss plateau at a certain point. And at that point, its very easy to lose motivation to continue with your weight loss plan. The decreasing number on your bathroom scale, keeps you going forward but once that stops ticking down, its really hard to keep going. So where can you turn? Where can you go to find someone that’s by your side everyday till you hit your weight loss goals? Who can help you figure out the next set of actions you need to take to keep progressing?

I built FitMountain to answer those questions. Find a nutrition expert to support you everyday. Whether its to ask about your days meals or what you should be focussing on for the next or someone to vent to you can find that person on your phone. Never see a weight loss plateau again!

Find someone to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Use our free trial to experience that daily coaching support, on us, for 7 days. Cancel within 7 days and we’ll never charge your credit card.

Get support, get answers to your health questions, get fit and feel better. :)


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